Movie 43 (2013)

Genre : Comedy

Cast :
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Director :
Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, en others here

Movie 43' is a comedy that consists of several short films, each with its own director and many famous actors.

My opinion
Everybody is speaking about the "WTF"-level this movie has.
Yep, I had that too after a while : "What The Fuck" am I actually watching ....
The fact that such a star cast joins this is twofold (I think):

1. They probably are paid a disgusting lot of money for their momentary cooperation
2. If completely unknown nobodies would be in this movie, it wouldn't even get in the cinema. In other words the marketing department knew what it was doing.

If it was the intention to bring anarchic absurd humor on the screen, than this wasn't a real big succes. "The Young Ones" is pure anarchism and "Monty Python" is an epitome of absurdity. This was just a cocktail of vulgar poop and pee humor, laced with sexual trivia. From Halle Berry's bloated hooters to the testicles on Hugh Jackman's throat, the iBabe with Richard Gere and the prose about the pubic hair of Kristen Bell. The fart and flying shit scene in "Dumb and Dumber" was hilarious. Here it was just ... uh ... plain shit.
Why the hell did I watch the complete movie ? Because I was wondering if it might be better in the following sketch or the quality would even drop more. The bloopers in the credits was a high point.
PS. I must admit that for a moment a smile appeared at the Tampax advertising
My rating 1/10
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