Alien Uprising (2012) :

Friends get together for a night out in a bar. Life is wonderful as a couple share their proposal moment. When, suddenly strange things start to happen. Loss of power. Throughout the city. No phones, no lights, just darkness as the friends try to cope. Then an invasion from UFOs, big ones! The sky is darkened by the ships of the alien invaders. The takeover of planet Earth has begun as our the five friends struggle to survive amid the chaos and calamity. Will love survive the terror?

: SF
: UK

Cast :
Simon Phillips : Robin
Bianca Bree : Carrie
Sean Brosnan : Michael
Jean-Claude van Damme : George

Director :
Dominic Burns

My opinion

The making and showing of movies like "Alien Uprising" should be prohibited by law !!

This was just terrible. "Alien Uprising" will go down in history as one of the most annoying and meaningless movies ever. And don't forget to mention the third-rate performances here. What's Jean-Claude van Damme doing in such an awful C-movie with probably no budget. I sincerely hope that they have returned the entrance fee of those who did the effort to go and watch it in the theater ! It really looked like a project of a student at the film school. I bet he failed his test with this anyway.

The SF part is greatly limited and the used effects look like a Star Trek episode from the 70's. The first half hour we look at the social life of some young people in a club and in the bedrooms where they are nagging and whining endlessly about nothing. Next there is a general power failure across the UK and the next evening there is a peculiar light shining and a reverse boiler appears floating in the sky.

The rest of the movie is so badly acted and exaggerated. At a certain point there's a supposedly mass hysteria at a supermarket. The new release of the Playstation was a million times worse than this. JCVD explodes after being hit by a green beam ... very original. And Area 51 is also brought up. We can also admire some corny-looking UFO `s with tentacles flying around

The only positive thing I could come up with was the fight between Brosnan and an infiltrated alien.

Good advice: do not bother to watch this. It's a complete waste of time and energy.

My rating 0/10
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