Chain Letter (2010)

Genre : Horror

Cast :
Nikki Reed : Jessie Campbell
Betsy Russell : Sergeant Hamill
Brad Dourif : Mr. Smirker

Director :
Deon Taylor

A maniac murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mail.
My opinion

Flashback to an 80's teen-slasher movie.

Oops, and I've deleted so many chain letters.

If they kept the atmosphere like in the opening scene throughout the movie, it would have been
quite a great movie in its genre. The moment with all those chains reminded me of "Hellraiser" and gave me the hope for an entertaining horror. Vain hope eventually because after the beginning the movie collapsed like a poorly raised plum pudding.
Off course all known cliches are used in it : the ubiquitous fog, a bath scene with a nice college girl who,as the tradition dictates, won't survive, a gym, stupid detectives and dumb scared teens. It's something like "Final Destiny" but with a lame story, a totally disappointing ending (that's because the beginning was too strong) and a totally incomprehensible storyline. Afterwards you can only guess why it happened and what the actual reason was. Add to this a terribly bad amateurish group of actors and that damned drizzling rain throughout the complete movie. You surely would get depressed because of that !
A total stinker and unworthy for the slasher genre.
It's kind of weird because in the cast there are a few who had to know better, according to IMDB. The next persons were present in this flick :
Betsy Russell: Saw
Michael J. Pagan: See no Evil
Charles Fleischer: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Keith David: The Thing
Matt Cohen: Boogeyman 2
Michael Bailey Smith: A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child, and The Hills Have Eyes The Hills Have Eyes 2
Noah Segan: Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

So much potential, such a tiny profit.
Better forget it as soon as possible.

My rating 1/10
Links : IMDB

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