Dragon Eyes (2012)

Genre : Action/Crime

Cast :
Cung Le : Hong
Peter Weller : Mister V
Jean-Claude Van Damme : Tiano

Director :
John Hyams

St. Jude Square is a neighborhood living in fear and despair. The dueling gangs of local kingpins Dash and Antuan terrorize the streets and the citizens live without a shred of hope... until mysterious stranger Ryan Hong arrives in town. He begins to play one gang against the other using his unparalleled martial arts skills, and by calling on the teachings of his brilliant mentor Tiano  to find the strength to battle back.
My opinion

I had a lot of fun
watching this martial art film. Some clever fight scenes and a simple storyline. But ... I assumed that it would be a JCVD movie, but that was like a huge letdown. He had a minimal roll.


And that Chung Le guy is a real blabbermouth. The first 40 minutes I'm sure he didn't speak more then 30 words. Amazing......

Conclusion: nice fight scenes - a flash of JCVD and a taciturn asian fellow ...

My rating 4/10
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